What Others Are Saying

“Phillips Brooks said pointedly: “Prayer is not the overcoming of God’s reluctance; it is the taking hold of God’s willingness.” This fresh exciting book on prayer by Andrew T. Hawkins underlines on every page just how willing God is to share his fulness with us. The language of “Whispers That Delight” contains some marvellous turns of phrase. “Prayer is like a dance.” “The potential of emptiness.” “He must work his grace into our lives through prayer.” I have read many books on prayer throughout my lifetime. I have not read a better book on prayer than this one.”

Dr. Allen Churchill,
Theologian and Evangelist

Whispers that Delight is a fresh take on the perennial topic of prayer. Andrew Hawkins highlights a prayer pattern that is both easy to understand and put into practice. The PARE (preparation, attentiveness, response and enjoyment) acronym is a useful tool to guide readers through the prayer journey.

Using dramatic illustrations, interesting stories, and personal analogies to make concepts clear, Hawkins exposes potent secrets of prayer. The book is packed full of practical suggestions and gives new insight into familiar scriptures.

Whispers that Delight was a treat to read, and I couldn’t wait to finish so that I could pass it along to friends, although it is one of those books that I will refer to again and again.

Anyone who reads this book will be well on the way to a stronger prayer life.

Kimberley Payne,
Author, Speaker

“Andrew Hawkins’ *Whispers That Delight* should move sincere readers to
new places in prayer. While placing importance on form, it moves the
emphasis from asking to listening, from mere monologue to a vital
relationship. His writing style will challenge the academic, yet remain
accessible to the average reader.”

Ray Wiseman, Conference Speaker, Columnist, Co-author of * When
Cobras Laugh*

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